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Casa Myrna extends its sincere gratitude to our Legacy Partners: donor partners who have committed $15,000 or over each year for 15 years or over in support of domestic and dating violence survivors. Legacy partners represent the highest levels of long-term ongoing donations in support of our mission. Their extraordinary dedication provides hope and opportunity to survivors and their families for generations to come.

We are also deeply grateful for the generous support of our Sustaining Partners, who have helped to sustain our work for over 20 years and are critical partners in our efforts to create a world in which all relationships are safe and healthy

Legacy Partners

Adelaide Breed Bayrd Foundation

The Malden-based Adelaide Breed Bayrd Foundation has underwritten our comprehensive services, including counseling, economic stability coaching, and legal assistance, since 2001.

Eastern Bank

Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation fortifies all of our programs by providing annual unrestricted support and, through their sponsorship, helps make our annual signature events successful.

New Balance

Among our most dedicated corporate partners, New Balance Foundation has supported young families at our Teen Parenting Program with gifts of more than $250,000 every year for 15 years.

Lincoln and Therese Filene Foundation

The Lincoln and Therese Filene Foundation has been a devoted friend to our Teen Parenting Program since 2001.

Charles Sanders Trust

For the past 29 years, Charles Sanders Trust has helped more than a generation of youth at our Teen Parenting Program and other residential shelters reach brighter futures.

Massachusetts Bar Foundation

As a principal partner of our Legal Program, Massachusetts Bar Foundation ensures that impoverished survivors can access free, culturally competent, and expert legal services.

Rowland Foundation

Having donated $550,00 since 2003, Rowland Foundation is a cornerstone of Casa Myrna’s youth dating violence prevention, awareness, and intervention initiatives serving marginalized teens.

Liberty Mutual

A donor since 1986, Liberty Mutual is one of Casa Myrna’s longest-standing funding partners. In 2019, they have continued their legacy with grants towards residential shelter and other supports.


With of legacy of 33 years of consistent funding support, today Verizon helps to empower young survivors as they navigate their own paths to healthy relationships and self-esteem.

Yawkey Foundation

Since 2003, Yawkey Foundation has helped countless survivors take the first steps towards freedom through their support for the SafeLink domestic violence hotline.

Anna B. Stearns Foundation

A donor since 1984, the Anna B. Stearns Foundation is our longest-standing donor partner, underwriting SafeLink, a vital lifeline for survivors throughout the Commonwealth.

Sustaining Partners

Over 20 Years of Support

We are also deeply grateful for the generous supporters below who have helped to sustain our work for over 20 years and are critical partners in our efforts to create a world in which all relationships are safe and healthy.

Anna B. Stearns Foundation – since 1984
Verizon – since 1985
Liberty Mutual – since 1986
John Hancock – since 1988
Charles Sanders Trust – since 1990
Boston Bar Foundation – since 1999

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