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Casa Myrna provides education, prevention and awareness activities for adults and youth tailored to meet your needs. We provide:

  • Print materials that include brochures and posters about our SafeLink hotline and domestic and dating violence.
  • Speakers to talk about domestic and dating violence.
  • Workshops where participants learn to identify “red flag” behaviors that can lead to control, abuse and violence in their intimate relationships, as well as where to turn for help if they or someone they know may be at risk of harm.
  • Workshops to learn about your legal rights related to domestic violence.
  • Awareness ads on mass transit (busses and the T) to education riders about domestic and dating violence and where to get help or information.

For more information, contact outreach@casamyrna.org.

Healthy Teen Relationships and Dating Violence

Since 1995, Casa Myrna’s teen dating violence prevention work has been the cornerstone of our education and prevention efforts in the community. Currently, we are partnering with the award-winning Start Strong program of the Boston Public Health Commission and its The Halls webseries to improve and grow our efforts.

Workshops and discussions at schools and youth centers in the greater Boston area help adolescent boys and girls:

  • Recognize patterns of behavior and warning signs in relationships which can lead to control, violence and abuse.
  • Learn about other high-risk behaviors which may accompany dating violence.
  • Identify all different forms of abuse: physical, verbal, emotional, financial, sexual, and cultural.
  • Understand the different characteristics of healthy versus unhealthy relationships.
  • Learn about resources available in the community for victims of domestic violence.
  • Increase their awareness of the impact of domestic violence on families and communities, and actively engage them in the cause of ending domestic violence by keeping it out of their own relationships.
  • Foster dialogue about relationships, gender stereotypes, attitudes toward sex, the influence of the media, and the role cultural and ethnic backgrounds play in how young people approach intimate relationships.

The program is designed to teach teens how to build healthy, respectful intimate relationships, and empower them to speak up if a friend or family member is in an abusive relationship.

Domestic Violence Education for Adults

Similar to our community-based work with youth in the greater Boston area, Casa Myrna also offers workshops and presentations designed to challenge myths and stereotypes about domestic violence. Workshops  provide participants with resources that can help them address the domestic violence in their own life or the life of someone they know.

Click here to view more information on our workshops and trainings. To order print materials, click here.

To learn about our education, prevention and outreach activities or to schedule a presentation and/or workshop, contact outreach@casamyrna.org.

We believe that every relationship should be safe and healthy. What do you believe?