Technology Safety

If your abuser has access to your computer or e-mail, they could be watching you.

  • If you think your activities are being monitored, they probably are. Abusive people are often controlling and want to know your every move.
  •  Use a different computer in a library or borrow a friend’s.
  •  Email, Instant/Text Messaging (IM), Facebook, Twitter, blogging and other social media sites are NOT SAFE ways to share. Call a hotline instead.
  • Keep using your computer for normal things, like checking the news or the weather– if you stop using it, your abuser may get suspicious.
  • Create a new e-mail account, but DON’T use the same password and remember to sign out!
  • Talk to your friends and family about the safest ways to contact you.

Visit the National Network to End Domestic Violence for detailed info and resources.

Adapted from the National Network to End Domestic Violence.