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Meet Team Casa Myrna 2018


We’re so excited to have been selected once again to participate in the John Hancock Non-Profit Marathon Program! This year, we have welcomed four extraordinary runners to Team Casa Myrna. Learn more about our Marathon Team’s progress by adding Casa Myrna on Twitter and Facebook. If you already have a bib and would like to join Team Casa Myrna as a fund-raiser, please email us at dev@casamyrna.org.


Aitana Zermeno is a research assistant studying healthcare responses to intimate partner violence at Brigham and Women’s Hospital’s Connors Center for Women’s Health. As a future doctor,  she is committed to supporting patients who are also survivors through empowering, sensitive trauma-informed care.

Anne Giovanoni is a Vice President and attorney at Alkermes and the President of Casa Myrna’s Board of Directors. This is her seventh time running the Boston Marathon as a member of Team Casa Myrna!

Erin Jean Hussey is a senior studying entertainment business management at Emerson College, where she is also a sister of Kappa Gamma Chi. She is inspired to run by the “strength in running, strength in feminism, strength in community, and most importantly – strength in survivors.”

Jeremy Colon is a certified personal trainer, life coach, and entrepreneur. After donating a kidney to his ailing father in 2013, Jeremy recognized the importance of maintaining his own health and made it his mission to help others achieve physical fitness and mental well-being.

Joining the Team in 2019

Make the once in a lifetime experience of completing the Marathon even more special: consider becoming a member of Team Casa Myrna next year. With every step you take, you’ll be raising awareness about an issue that affects 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men.

Casa Myrna began its Boston Marathon Team in 2007. Over the years, our runners have been essential in helping us raise funds and awareness to support our comprehensive services for survivors of domestic and dating violence. In 2018, Team Casa Myrna runners have made the commitment to raise a minimum of $10,000 each. We provide ongoing fundraising support, ideas and encouragement.

We believe that being a part of Team Casa Myrna is an exciting, moving, and educational experience. We organize several events for our runners, including a Domestic Violence 101 training session, team dinners and other gatherings, a visit to one of our shelters, and a team send off/photo opportunity on the morning of the race.

As part of Team Casa Myrna, runners will receive a gift bag and uniform, and have access to the Furey Marathon Training Program free of charge. The 17-week program, overseen by John Furey, includes coaching and weekly run coordination of hill work and long runs (complete with hydration and nutrition), as well as massage, physical therapy, and complimentary injury screening services through Joint Ventures, a physical therapy provider in Boston.

2017 Team

In 2017, the John Hancock Non-Profit Marathon Program once again selected Casa Myrna as a partner for the Boston Marathon. We were delighted to find an extraordinary team of runners to wear our striking purple, blue, and lime green singlets. Danielle, Ellie, and Megan all exceeded their fundraising goals of $10,000 each to raise a total of $42,021 to support essential services for survivors and efforts to end domestic violence–a new record!

From left: Danielle, Megan, and Ellie on the morning of the 2017 Boston Marathon.

  • Danielle Thomas is a veterinarian, a Jamaica Plain resident, and the Seeing Eye Human to her blind Boston Terrier Bugsy. She became dedicated to ending domestic violence after learning about the risks posed to survivors by abusers’ access to firearms through her longtime work advocating against gun violence.
  • Ellie Brelis is an Emerson College student, a sister of Kappa Gamma Chi, an actress, and a Cambridge native. As her sorority’s treasurer, Ellie plays a lead role in organizing Emerald Empowerment, which brings Emerson students together to celebrate the courage of survivors and prevent sexual and relationship violence on campus.
  • Megan Rogers is an analyst at Cambridge Associates who became committed to working to end abuse after majoring in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Williams College. A field hockey and basketball player, runner, and cyclist, she’s especially interested in educating young athletes about domestic and dating violence.


We believe that every relationship should be safe and healthy. What do you believe?